The Dreaming Vendors depict an extra ordinary horrific journey, human
sufferings and the struggle for survival by people who only endeavored for a
better life in the backdrop of lack of human security.

The Dreaming Vendors DVD cover

The Dreaming  Vendors is a documentary on a cruel story of human suffering caused by a mixture of cross –coastal human trafficking and economic migration.

The two street vendors Kamal and Fazlu want to escape poverty and change their lot through economic migration to Malaysia. They sell their lands, businesses, borrow money on high interest and risk their lives to reach the country of opulence. Instead, they fall victim to human traffickers and suffer almost for a year on the sea following a perilous route on a small fishing boat and along the coast of Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand together with Rohingyas- a group of migrants from Myanmar.

The duration of the film is 50.30 minutes.